One Of The Many Ways You Can Market Your Product Online

Nearly every product needs some kind of SEO advantage in order to reach the attention of customers and sell. In the past there were always tried and true ways to advertise, either through radio, TV, print ads or walk-in business. Now, though, the whole world of the Internet has changed the landscape and made marketing easier, less expensive, and more focused. It’s still easy to waste your money on a failed campaign, but an astute business person can also set up their own system too. Here’s how to market online if you’re just getting started.
You Don’t Need A Website If You Don’t Want One
Most marketing gurus will stress the importance of buying a domain name, renting a host to put it on, then building your website. This is a lot of learning for most people and just because you have a website doesn’t mean anyone is going to visit it or buy your products. It also depends on who your market is as well, selling fresh vegetables online is difficult, but an eBook would be very easy.
So you’ll first want to decide what kinds of customers you’re going to seek and where they hang out on the Internet. Selling golf shirts would be a bad fit for advertising to teenagers for instance and selling video games to quilting hobbyists is also a bad fit. But if you have a new wireless gaming keyboard that’s uber fast, durable, and inexpensive, then aiming at gamers online would be perfect. Find out where they are and what they do online to target your advertising at them.
Once You Have Figured Out Where Your Target Demographic Is, Take Aim
Let’s take an imaginary product like a new woodworking tool that makes joining pieces together stronger, faster, and less expensive. In order to find out where woodworkers are on the Internet, you can start searching for them online. You might find that they spend a ton of time on Youtube learning new techniques and methods of making things.
They could also be on Pinterest or Instagram looking at photos of projects they’d like to build in the future. There may be plans that they can download there as well. So you can target one of those places to start your marketing campaign.
On Youtube, You Can Make A Few Videos To Upload
Youtube is one of the largest online search engines on Earth, but it’s for those wanting to watch a video, rather than read text. You can take your woodworking product and make some short videos of it to use as intros and outros on other videos.
Then, download about 100 or so videos that show how to do any kind of woodworking technique or even cleaning your band saw blades. Add a short intro and outro of your product to each of the videos and re-upload them to Youtube. Be sure and use videos with the Creative Commons license, plus give a citation to the original video maker.
All you need to do is include a link to your product in the description, whether it’s phone number or website, and those that are interested will find you. You can streamline this process with software making it a daily 15-minute job, but the videos will stay online for years developing a long-term sales machine for your product. So, you’ve put your product directly in front of people all around the world that have an interest in woodworking, that’s how you market online.