All About Using SEO To Your Advantage, Or Why You Should

Any guidebook on online marketing that might be published now or in the future will not be complete without an entire chapter or two dedicated to SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

This is one fact on how people use the Internet that you need to know: The vast majority of all new experiences are on Google’s search bar, that is, of course, if a user is doing research and not wanting to connect with friends and family on Facebook right now. And so it goes, if you are not taking advantage of SEO, then you are missing out on profits. But how does SEO work?

When someone types a particular keyphrase, Google’s ranking algorithm proceeds to score billions of web pages to find the most relevant and most authoritative pages on the subject. How the algorithm determines relevance and authority are the stuff that has created an entire industry composed of SEO gurus, search engine optimization agencies and freelancers in the online marketing world.

Simply put, when you rank on Google, you put yourself in a place where you can meet more of your potential clients than any other marketing channel. As we said, over 90% of all online experiences that are research-related all begins on Google’s search bar. The good thing regarding it is that if you rank at the top, people automatically assume that you are a trustworthy website and people will not have any hesitations buying a product that you recommend. As a matter of fact, website visitors that come in through Google have a conversion rate of 25%.

This means that for every 100 people, 25 of them do the action that you want them to do, whether that is entering their email address or buying stuff from a link that you put on your blog post. Other sources of traffic convert at only 10%. What this means is that you have a better return on your investment if you do search engine optimization for your website.

There are numerous online marketers like if you click here out there who like to peg SEO as the free way to get traffic. However, zip could be farther from the truth. Optimizing your web pages so that they rank in the searches takes a lot of work and expertise. If you are new to it, you could be spending days or even months tied to a chair, in which case you will be paying for SEO work with your time.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, outsource the work to people who are already successful at it. It may take you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, however, trust us, the cost is going to pay for itself.

It’s just a matter of finding a true search engine optimization professional, that is, someone who provides effective custom SEO plans to its clients and implements those plans himself and does not outsource the work to others.